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Food is essential for us as it provides us energy and nourishment so necessary to exist and carry out our day to day work. God has been kind enough to create so many varieties of cereals, vegetables, grains, fruits and dairy products. And for the non-vegetarians there are so many kinds of meat, fish, eggs etc.

Along with energy and nourishment the food also provides us good taste which makes us happy and delighted. As such it provides a bond of love between the cook, generally the womenfolk and other members of family. There are different foods for different part of the day, different seasons, different occasions, and different festivals and so on. In fact food is such an essential part of any culture and civilization that it has become a cultural identity of people, places, regions and nationalities. A person is so attached to food that he misses it the same way he misses his place of origin if he is staying far away from his home.


Bihar, a prominent state in the eastern part of India is blessed with a very old and rich culture developed historically in a fertile land along the banks of numerous rivers in the Gangetic plains. It has been seat of political power in ancient Indian history and been capital of Magadh Empire which extended from Afghanistan in west to South East Asia in east.  It has been a center of spiritual and educational excellence as place of origin of many great religions like Buddhism and Jainism and old universities of great repute like Nalanda and Vikramshila. The people of Bihar are known for their intelligence, creativity, compassion and empathy. Same is reflected in the literature, arts, culture and of course Food of Bihar. As Bihar is primarily an agricultural state having all kinds of vegetables, fruits, cereals etc., its food also has lots of variety. Also Biharis are great Food lovers and like to have variety in their food.


The Food recipes on this site are contributed by Mrs. Bandana Varma who is an accomplished cook. Cooking has been a passion for her since her childhood. She was born and brought up in Bihar. She graduated in Home Science with honors in 1989. As she belongs to Bihar, she has an expertise in cooking Bihari delicacies. Being spouse of a mariner she had an opportunity to sail on ships across the Globe. During this period she could explore various kinds of exotic dishes and assimilate the same in her cooking style. She is blessed with two daughters, who also help her in her hobby of cooking.

Through this website we endeavor to popularize the food of Bihar amongst all the food lovers and especially amongst the young generation of Biharis who have moved out of Bihar to make a living as well as contributing towards betterment of their state, country and society as a whole. We request all to benefit from the contents of the site and also to spread it amongst their friends through internet and social media. Your feedback and comments are most welcome and very essential encouragement for us to keep on improving our work.



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