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Dalpithhi is a traditional Bihari dish which is very tasty and simple to make. It uses most basic ingredients i.e. Atta (wheat flour) and daal (lentil).

Making pithhis-


Take 250 gm of atta and knead with water into soft dough. Make small balls with this dough. Roll these balls into palm size discs. Pick at three equidistant points of the disc and join them at center of the disc to make a flower shaped pithhi. 

Making dalpithhi-

Take about 50 gm tuvar or arhar daal in a pressure cooker and add about a litre of water, the pithhis, half tsp turmeric powder, salt to taste, half tsp chili powder and tight close the lid for pressure cooking. Stop cooking after 3 whistles. 

Remove the cooker from flame and allow it to cool down. Add a tadka of garlic, jeera, dry red chili in ghee to the Dalpithhi. The delicious Dalpithhi is ready to serve. You can have it with pickle or dhaniya (coriander) chutney.