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Gada or Peas Potato Curry

Gada is a very tasty and healthy Bihari dish. Traditionally it is had with rice during winters; hence the combined popular name is Gada-bhaat. 


Peas 500gm, 2 potatoes, Onion 1 chopped, paste of onion 2 table spoons,garlic 1 tea spoon ,ginger 1tea spoon, 1 tea spoongaram masala powder,Dhaniya powder 1 tea spoon, jeera powder 1 tea spoon, black pepper powder half spoon, red chilli powder 1 tea spoon, Oil 2table spoon, salt to taste. 


Cut potatoes in big pieces, chop onion and grind 250 grams of peas to form a paste.

 Heat oil in kadai, put 2 pieces of tejpatta and chopped onion and fry till it becomes brown. Add the cut pieces of potato and 250gm of peas, salt, paste of garlic, ginger and onion, haldi powder1 spoon and other powders except garam masala and cook on medium flame till the spices are cooked. Now add ground peas and again cook till oil starts oozing out.

 Add water to make curry and allow it to boil.Add 1 spoon garam masala and stop when the curry has reached desired thickness.

 Heat one spoon jeera, a pinch of heeng and 2 spoons green garlic leaves in oil and add to the curry. 

The Gada is now ready to be served as accompaniment to rice, roti or paratha.