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Gajar Halwa


Gajar Halwa is a very delicious sweet dish of Bihar and North India.Winters being the season of carrots and dry fruits, it's a great time to enjoy hot and delicious Gajar Halwa! Carrots are rich in vitamin A and ghee and the combination of dry fruits help to keep the body warm. Rejuvenate your taste buds in these bleak winter days with this amazing Gajar Halwa recipe.


Carrots 1kg sliced into small pieces, sugar 5-6 tablespoons, 1 and a half litre milk, 10-12 piece cashew nuts, 15 pieces raisins, 2 pieces cardamom, 50 gms pure ghee. 

Boil the carrot slices in milk in a pressure cooker. After 2-3 whistles transfer the mixture in a non stick pan. Cook the whole mixture till the milk is soaked, keep moving the mixture and add sugar and ghee to it. Then add the dry fruits in the desired amount. Cook the whole mixture till it reaches the desirable consistency. Serve it hot with loads of love.