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Kachori is a very tasty and popular dish of Bihar and North India. It is basically a kind of Indian bread of round shape made of wheat flour and Maida (refined wheat flour) and deep fried in edible oil. Kachori can be made in different ways, with filling or without filling. Here we give a recipe of simple Kachori without filling. It is generally had in breakfast with vegetable curry or fried vegetables.


Maida 250gm (refined flour), Atta (wheat flour) 100gm, edible oil, ajwain (also known as carom, ajowan, or bishop's weed), mangrail (Nigella sativa seeds), asafetida, Salt to taste


Mix well the above ingredients i.e. Maida, Atta, salt, a pinch of asafetida, a pinch of ajwain and mangrail, 2-3 spoon edible oil and knead Atta adding water into hard dough, make small ball, flatten it and roll it into a disc . Heat edible oil in a deep pan and fry the Kachori when oil is hot. Flip the Kachori and press gently with a spatula. Allow the Kachori to swell and become light brown.

Remove Kachoris from the pan and place on tissue paper to soak extra oil.

The delicious Kachoris are ready to serve hot with Vegetable curries!