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Malpua is a very delicious and popular sweet dish of Bihar. It is customary to make this dish during the major festivals like Holi.


Maida(Refined flour) 250 gm., Milk 1 liter boiled till it becomes 250ml, khoya 50 gm., coconut powder 2table  spoons, 2 small cardamom powder, sugar 1 cup, edible oil 250 ml.


Mix well maida, khoya, coconut powder and cardamom powder into thickened milk to make a batter of moderate thickness adding some normal milk if required. Heat oil in a deep pan and fry small portions of batter to make round palm size Malpuas. While frying, turn the Malpuas and remove from oil when they turn brown.

Prepare syrup of sugar by mixing a cup sugar in two glasses of water and boiling on medium heat.

Now dip the Malpuas into the Syrup. Add some cream or rabri for making it more tasty. The delicious Bihari sweet dish Malpuas are now ready to serve.

As a variation finely chopped dry fruits may be added to the batter instead of coconut powder.