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Matar Ghughni with Chura

Matar (Peas) Ghughni is a very delicious and popular snack of Bihar. It is made from green peas and generally had in combination with fried Chura(flattened rice) or puffed rice.


Green Peas 500gm, Onion 1 chopped, paste of onion 2 table spoons, garlic 1 tea spoon, ginger 1 tea spoon , 1 tea spoon garam masala powder, Dhaniya (coriander) powder 1 tea spoon, jeera powder 1 tea spoon, black pepper powder half spoon, red chili powder 1 tea spoon, Oil 4 table spoon, salt to taste.


Chop onion.

Heat oil in a deep Pan, put chopped onion and fry till it becomes brown. Add green peas, salt, paste of garlic, ginger and onion, haldi powder 1 spoon and other powders except garam masala and cook on medium flame till the spices are cooked. Add garam masala in the end and remove the Pan. Garnish with green coriander leaves.

The delicious Bihari dish, Matar Ghughni is now ready to serve and can be had in combination with fried Chura (flattened rice) or Murhi (Puffed rice).


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