All about delicious dishes from Bihar and rest of India!

 All about delicious dishes from Bihar and rest of India!

Matar (Peas) Paratha

Matar ka parantha is a very tasty and popular dish of Bihar and North India during winters. Normally you have this in breakfast but it is welcome in lunch or dinner also. Here we explain how to make this simple but tasty dish and in the end you will find some photographs showing the various stages in the making of Matar Parathas.



1. 250 gm peas

2. Edible oil

3. Hing (asfoedita)

4. Garlic 5 pieces and (grind into paste), ginger 1 inch, grind to paste

5. one finely chopped onion and a green chili

6. Salt to taste

7. red chili powder and Turmeric powder, garam masala powder


1. Heat mustard oil in a pan, put hing, chopped onion and green chili

2. Add peas and salt cook on low flame till peas become soft, then add ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder, chili powder, salt and sauté, add garam masala half spoon

3. Cook on low flame till peas get soft and beat them into a coarse filling

4. Sauté on high flame and keep it aside.

5. Knead atta into soft dough and fill it with the pea masala

6. Roll it into a disc with masala equally distributed

7. Heat a tawa and place the parantha on it and cook until bubbles start to appear on the top (do not burn)

8. Flip the parantha and press gently with a spatula

9. Sprinkle some oil on both sides and flip and press gently.

10. Remove paratha from the tava and place in a covered/insulated container. Continue with remaining parathas.

Serve the Matar Parathas with coriander chutney or brinjal bhurta or curd and pickle.