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 Mix Vegetable Soup


Mix Vegetable Soup is a very healthy soup for the health conscious. It is very simple to cook and tasty to eat.


Mushroom 2-3 pcs chopped fine, cabbage fine chopped 2 spoons, cauliflower fine chopped 2 spoons, 1 carrot grated, ginger 1 small pc grated, French beans 2-3 pcs fine chopped, Onion 1 small pc chopped, oil or butter 1 spoon, black pepper and salt to taste.


Heat oil in a deep pan; add the above vegetables and sauté. Add salt and pepper, sauté and then add about 4 cups water and allow it to boil for 2-3 minutes.

The delicious and healthy Mix Vegetable Soup is now ready to serve.