All about delicious dishes from Bihar and rest of India!

Paratha Roti and Puri

Wheat and rice are main staple diets of Bihar.

Traditionally, dishes made of Rice are had in Lunch and those made of wheat flour are had in breakfast and dinner.

Roti is a type of freshly cooked Indian bread made of wheat flour without using oil/ ghee while making it. There are different kinds of Rotis depending upon the type of flour used for making dough.

 Parathas are made with wheat flour (Aata) or Maida using oil/ghee lightly for cooking and with stuffings or without. There are various kinds of Parathas depending upon the nature of filling.

 Puri are like small sized round rotis but fried in oil or ghee unlike rotis which are baked on fire.

Puris, when stuffed with fillings of different kinds are called Kachori. There are different kinds of Kachoris depending upon types of filling.